Universal Studios is Opening Super Nintendo World in February 2023


Hollywood Universal Studios is opening Super Nintendo World in California on February 2023

Hollywoods’s Universal Studios Theme Park is preparing to open Super Nintendo World on February 2023, one of its most ambitious themed lands. With this highly immersive new land, Guests will be immersed in the world of Mario Bros.

With interactive activities, state-of-the-art VR attractions, themed dining and shopping locations, character interactions, and much more, visitors will be able to live out their own adventures.

Super Nintendo World Hollywood Universal Studios is Opening soon.

In February 2023, you’ll have the chance to visit the Super Nintendo Mushroom Kingdom! The official opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood in California is scheduled for February 17, 2023.

Universal Studios Japan opened Super Nintendo World, a park dedicated to all things Mario, on March 18, 2021. Embark on a journey into Mushroom Super Mario’s world at Super Nintendo World. Race Team Bowser on the first-ever Mario Kart ride. 

With a Power-Up Band, you can track your score while playing interactive games throughout the land. There is an opportunity to dine at Toadstool Cafe, meet Mario and friends, and purchase exclusive merch at 1-UP Factory,” according to the official description.

A brilliant redesign and gamification of the theme park experience, it offers unparalleled immersion and fun. Moreover, it is an appropriate tribute to the series on its 35th anniversary.” Super Nintendo World has already confirmed that a Donkey Kong expansion will open in 2024. 

Furthermore, Universal Studios Japan and The Pokemon Company signed an agreement to develop a Pokemon-themed theme park in Osaka, possibly as part of Super Nintendo World.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Orlando’s Mushroom Kingdom is expected to open in 2025, not 2023, as previously reported.

Right now, the best things to do at Super Nintendo World are:

  • Photo ops.
  • Power-up bands.
  • Menu items at Kinopio’s Café.
  • Super Nintendo World merchandise.
  • Beating the boss.
  • Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge
  • Mount Beanpole
  • Wearables That Will Interact with the Land
  • The Warp Pipe

Guests will be welcomed to Super Nintendo World on February 17, 2023.

Super Nintendo World California
Super Nintendo World California, Photo by Roméo A.

Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World also features a restaurant, a store, interactive experiences, and a character called “Meet-Up”, similar to its Hollywood counterpart. In addition, as of 2023, Universal Studios Japan will debut an all-new parade featuring fan-favourite characters from Super Nintendo World.

Universal recently clarified that guests would not be required to make virtual reservations to experience the land’s opening. When Super Nintendo World opens, all guests, regardless of ticket type, can access it freely.

Guests will, however, be required to use the Park’s reservation system if Super Nintendo World reaches its capacity. Guests can make these reservations via the Universal Studios Hollywood app once they enter the Park or at one of the reservation kiosks on the Park’s lower lot. They will provide a return time once they enter the Park.

Universal Studios Hollywood opens Super Nintendo World.

Located in Universal Studios Hollywood’s newly expanded lower area, the brand-new, dynamic region will be adjacent to the Transformers rollercoaster. Visitors to Super Nintendo World will be able to enter through the famous Warp Pipe.

On Friday, February 17, 2023, Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, California, will open to the public.

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