₹90 Lakhs Mercedes bought by MBA Chai Wala, Watch Video Here


Prafull Billore, also known as MBA Chai Wala, has been making headlines recently after purchasing a Mercedes worth a whopping ₹90 lakhs. The entrepreneur, who rose to fame when his inspiring story went viral, shared a video on social media that showcased him and his family unveiling the luxury car.

MBA Chai Wala’s success story began when he decided to operate a tea stand outside IIM-Ahmedabad after dropping out of his MBA program. His brand ‘MBA Chai Wala’ has now expanded to include several restaurants.

In the video, the MBA Chai Wala can be seen signing some documents and celebrating the moment with his loved ones. The clip has gained significant traction, having been viewed by 2.5 million people and receiving numerous likes and comments. Many fans have congratulated him on his latest purchase, with some acknowledging that it is a well-deserved reward for his hard work.

The video also features a text inlay that reads, “Billionaire Brothers. MBA Chaiwala. Hold the vision, trust the process.” These words undoubtedly encapsulate the story of MBA Chai Wala, whose persistence and determination have led to this significant achievement.

Everyone wished them congratulations, and here are a few comments

Someone in the Instagram comments area congratulated the man and added, “Brother, fantastic, and congratulations.”

A second individual chimed in to say, “Congratulations to him on the purchase of such a wonderful automobile.”

“Everyone is commenting on your automobile, but I’m aware that its worth doesn’t matter when you put in the effort. However, you are rejoicing at this time with the rest of us as this prayer is going on in the background. To your credit, “added a third. Others have also extended their best wishes to him on purchasing the new automobile.

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