The armed forces come to the aid of 400 tourists marooned in Sikkim after a bout of heavy snowfall.


Upon receiving the distress signal, Trishakti Corps’ military personnel, alongside the police and civil administration, sprang into action with Operation Himrahat—a rescue mission.

Late on Saturday, almost a hundred vehicles were marooned in Sikkim.

After a severe snowfall in Sikkim, approximately 400 tourists were trapped and rescued by the Army. The military provided much-needed aid, including food and medical treatment, to those in distress. This latest event underscores the importance of emergency preparedness in mountainous regions.

According to Lt Col Mahendra Rawat, a spokesperson for the Defence, a group of roughly 400 tourists—comprising 142 women and fifty children—found themselves stranded late in the afternoon on Saturday. The travellers were returning from a visit to Sikkim’s Natu La and Tsomgo (Changgu) Lake, and were travelling in approximately 100 vehicles.

According to a spokesperson, the Trishakti Corps’ military personnel, along with the police and civil administration, promptly sprang into action and initiated “Operation Himrahat” for the rescue mission.

The efforts to provide relief and rescue persisted until the late hours of Saturday night.

Indian army rescue 400 tourists in Sikkim
Indian army rescue 400 tourists in Sikkim

The safety and comfort of the tourists were prioritized as they were escorted to secure areas. With the help of the troops, they were provided with warm clothing, medical assistance, and nourishing meals. Lt Col Rawat further confirmed that suitable lodging arrangements were made for all the visitors during their stay.

Assisted by the Army’s General Reserve Engineering Force dozers, the roadblock was cleared early Sunday morning. By 9 am, the path was open, and vehicles could resume their journey to Gangtok.

Thanks to the swift response of the troops, the road was cleared in record time, enabling smooth vehicular movement to Gangtok.

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