Fire breaks out at Siliguri’s house, Destroying everything before Marriage


Siliguri, 7th February: Two days before their daughter’s wedding, tragedy struck at a residence in the Punjabi Para of Ward No. 13 just two days before the wedding. There was panic among the locals when the fire gripped entire goods in a blaze that burned into black smoke, causing the flames to consume the entire goods. 

According to reports by our on-field reporter, a fire incident broke out in Siliguri at the residence of a person named Keshav Agarwal. On Thursday, the daughter of the family will be getting married to the love of her life. The family’s happiness, however, was cast into darkness after the AC caught fire in the house, casting a dark gloom over their home. It did not take long for the fire to spread and engulf all of the furniture and other household items in the house. 

The fire department was informed of the incident as soon as it occurred, which caused a rush to relay information about the incident to them. Upon hearing the news, two fire engines were dispatched to the scene, and the fire was brought under control as soon as they arrived on the scene. Meanwhile, upon receiving the news that the incident had occurred, Mayor Parishad Manik Dey and Rajesh Shah also arrived on the scene to take part in the investigation.

After the tragedy of Tuesday’s fire in Ward No. 13 in Siliguri’s Punjabi Para, Mayor Goutam Deb inspected the fire-affected house at Punjabi Para. Just two days before the wedding, the tragic fire in Ward No. 13 in Siliguri’s Punjabi Para destroyed the residence of Punjabi Para, which the Punjabi Para family owned. Local residents were left in a state of disarray following the incident.

Apparently, the house was being used as a venue for a pre-wedding ceremony when tragedy struck as the short circuit from the air conditioner caused the house to catch fire, resulting in the house catching fire. As a result of the fire, the household goods were completely destroyed.

After getting word of the incident, the Mayor reached the area, took stock of the damage that had been caused to the houses in the area, and assured the victim’s family that all possible assistance would be given to them. The Mayor also announced that he would bear the expenses of the daughter’s wedding so that the family would not have to suffer due to the disaster that had befallen them. He also asked the fire department to investigate the incident and take steps to ensure that such tragedies do not recur in the future.

The Mayor’s visit and gesture of goodwill were much appreciated by the locals, who were deeply moved by his sympathy and support. It was indeed a shining example of how officials should rise to the occasion in times of tragedy.

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