Family seeks assistance in finding a girl who has been missing for two days in Rajganj


Rajganj, 08th February: In the area of Jotiyakali close to Fulbari, a girl from Nipaniya Village of Jotiyakali has been missing for the past two days since Monday. 

There are reports that 18-year-old Mayna Khatoon, a student of Fulbari High School and a student in 11th class, left the house with her younger niece on Monday evening to get clothes stitched in a tailor’s shop in Jotiyakali. During the course of the game, Mayna Khaton sent her niece home and told her to wear a sweater.

Her family members started to look for her after she did not return home after dark after she did not return home. The young girl was unable to be located despite the fact that she was searched in various places. In response to this, the family lodged a written complaint at the NJP police station on Tuesday as a result of this incident. 

The family members of the missing girl have confirmed that on the morning of her disappearance, The family members of informed SSV NEWS that she went to the bank and had transferred Rs 5,000 from her bank account to an account of a person from East Medinipur, and later in the evening she went out around 5 PM. Thereafter she was missing and also she was tried to be contacted, but her phone was unreachable and later was switched off, according to the family members.

In addition to this, since her disappearance, she has not been able to be reached by phone. As a result, the relatives have feared that the girl may be in danger and have therefore requested that the police conduct a thorough investigation regarding the matter by finding the person to whom the amount was transferred. and by tracing her phone network.

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