3 Arrested in Suspect of attack on INC-Left front delegation


A delegation of the INC-Left Front was attacked in Tripura: Three people were arrested; Vijayan and Venugopal were attacked

In relation to the assault on the INC-Left coalition delegation in Tripura’s Sepahijala district, law enforcement apprehended three individuals on Saturday.

On Friday, a delegation of MPs from the Left and Congress parties were assaulted by a mob in Nehalchandranagar, Tripura’s Sepahijala district, while touring areas affected by violence following the polls.

3 Arrested in Suspect of attack on INC-Left front delegation
3 Arrested in Suspect of attack on INC-Left front delegation

Prompt action from the police escort team ensured the secure rescue of all members of the delegation.

As per a statement by a senior police officer, efforts are underway to capture the remaining perpetrators of the assault. Additionally, an FIR has been registered in relation to the incident.

In addition, security personnel have been dispatched to the area and are actively monitoring the situation on the ground.

The Chief Minister of Kerala denounces the assault.

The reprehensible assault on opposition MPs and MLAs’ fact-finding teams in Tripura was denounced by Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who asserted that “sangh parivar goons” were the perpetrators.

Last night, he took to Twitter to underscore the necessity of reinstating law and order in the north-eastern state, citing the recent occurrence as an example.

CM Pinarayi Vijayan said, “The heinous attack by Sangh Parivar goons on the fact-finding team of opposition MPs visiting Tripura is highly condemnable. It highlights the need for law and order to be restored in the State. Democratic forces should unite to defeat this reign of terror in Tripura“.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s Tweet

He passionately implored the democratic factions to join hands and overpower the tyrannical regime in Tripura.

The Congress accuses the police of being a mute spectator.

On Friday, Congress General Secretary and Rajya Sabha MP KC Venugopal vehemently denounced the assault, lambasting the police for their inaction as mere bystanders.

Venugopal took to Twitter to express his strong condemnation of the recent attack on the INC-Left front delegation visiting Tripura’s violence-stricken areas, where the police remained passive bystanders. 

Venugopal’s tweet affirmed that the BJP’s thuggish antics would not intimidate them, and they would continue to oppose their anti-democratic and cowardly conduct.

In addition to his tweet, he disseminated the alleged footage of the assault. Check the footage below,

the alleged footage of the assault

Congress members have claimed that, while they were visiting, BJP supporters launched an attack on them and MPs from the Left Front. They further reported incidents of vandalism, along with loud and aggressive chanting, that took place during the incident.

The BJP secured a majority Win.

The BJP secured an outright majority win, thereby regaining power within the state.

The Election Commission of India reported that the saffron party dominated with 32 seats, clinching almost 39% of the votes. The Tipra Motha Party trailed in second place, securing 13 seats.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) emerged victorious with 11 seats, in stark contrast to the Congress’ meager three seats.

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